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Al Gore said "I came to the Congress in 1976 as a very strong supporter of nuclear power. I have grown sceptical. I am not opposed to it, but there is now in the industry absolutely zero ability to predict with any confidence what the cost of construction is." Guardian 4th Feb 2009


Subsidies for nuclear power - SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Costs of nuclear





Subsidies for nuclear power SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION

1. Nuclear clean-up

2. Insurance

3. Training

4. Research and development

5. Loan guarantees

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Costs of nuclear

See also Finland on the International page.

"Nuclear waste from the reactors likely to be built in the UK will be up to seven times more hazardous than that produced by existing reactors. The admission was made in an 'environmental impact assessment' report by nuclear company Posiva. Posiva are responsible for managing the waste which will be produced by the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) currently being constructed in Olkiluoto, Finland. And an independent nuclear consultant has warned that this will increase the costs of nuclear energy, as waste storage and safety expenses will rise above expected levels. "

Greenpeace Press Release UK 2nd Feb 2009

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